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Armchair With New Upholstered Fabric | Jindřich Halabala | Up Závody | Czechoslovakia | 1950s

Anatomical Plaster Bust | Louis M. Meusel | Sonnenberg | Germany | 1920's

André Costa | My height | 2020 | acrilic on plaster | 175x53x10cm


Past Exhibitions

"Têxteis Lar" - 12th of February 2022

A associação Pousio - Arte e Cultura e o espaço LX Lapa convidam-no para a inauguração da exposição Têxteis Lar, no dia 12 de Fevereiro, pelas 11h.

Esta mostra conduz-nos aos lugares que nos são mais próprios e mais íntimos. No corpo ou na casa, o têxtil permeia não só o espaço histórico como o espaço artístico: através dele e ao longo de diversas gerações, reivindicamos memórias e rotinas, expressamos a nossa identidade.

Nesta exposição destacam-se quatro pensamentos sobre a relação entre a noção de lar e o universo têxtil, que nos desafiam a reinterpretar práticas ancestrais e lugares transversais de intimidade. Archie Dickens, Conceição Abreu, Madalena Corrêa Mendes e Margarida Lopes Pereira conduzem-nos a um cruzar de tempos semelhante a um cruzar de tecidos, com curadoria de Maria Luísa Ramires, Mafalda d’Oliveira Martins e Rita Cêpa.







"Now, I Wonder"

“Now, I wonder…” is the most recent collective exhibitio for Lx.Lapa, featuring works by Ana Moraes, Diogo Henrique, Maria Peixoto Martins, Mel Keane e Thomas Langley, and curated by Carolina Ribeiro.

“What are days for?”The question is posed by Philip Larkin, whose answer has the same false sense of simplicity: “Days are where we live.” Marked by the intention of registering everyday life, these works are based on the common ground of the present, the capturing of these days. It is this focus on the present that makes this space for understanding between artist and spectator possible: a space in which traditional plastic languages ​​coexist and interact with the new digital world, whose peculiar language already permeates the collective way of thinking of all those who either grew up with it or saw it grow in real time.

This window into contemporaneity implies a certain voyeurism, an intimacy generated by the sharing and communicating of small details of solitude. We are invited to enter this ‘now’ registered by other eyes and other hands. To reflect not only our present condition but also what we leave behind, and the limits of the possibilities of what follows. The role of the artist appears then not only as the capturer of a moment but also in this search and rupture of the limits it imposes. Having found no definitive answers we are left only with the notion that beyond each shattered horizon lies the path to what we don't know how to ask yet."

See all the artworks here





"Onde me torno Silêncio/ Where I become Silence"

“Where I become silence” is a collective exhibition featuring works of painting, photography and sculpture by Carolina Lino, João Massano and Marco Pestana curated by Carolina Ribeiro. Silence is the common quality found in the creative process of these artists, and the spaces they allude to.  These spaces become visible through a capturing gesture that is, in itself, inevitably defined by the inner universe of the observer. The act of looking reveals itself flexible by being both fluid and static, sometimes directed inward, others outwards; it reunites the individual with himself and the world. The resulting pieces fluctuate in weight, materiality and dimension, reflecting the spacial quality of the experience, unveiling the landscape and the Self as places that are seen and inhabited.

Curator: Carolina Ribeiro

Opening on the 25th of November, 5:30 PM, at @lxlapa 
Rua Maestro António Taborda, nº14 
You are all invited!

 See the full collection of artworks here.





"Fronteiras/Boundaries" - 30th of September 2021

The most recent collective  exhibition opens on the 30th of September, curated by Marta Caldeira and with the participation of Pedro Fragoso, Miguel Cardoso and Tiago Moço.

"This exhibition features a selection of pieces that navigate between the abstract and the figurative. The spectator/observer also navigates between the free form that allows the total freedom of an interpretation, and the familiar form that manipulates it. The result is an interpretive experience between the invisible but prominent line that divides the clear and objective from the subjective world of imagination and possibility. Thus, both the work and the audience, walk from one side to the other, crossing and crossing borders, these lines that once contributed to a cultural differentiation and that today allow themselves to step, surpass, towards a free and unprejudiced culture.

Walking on the sidelines, crossing borders is not rebellion but freedom."

Curatorship: Marta Caldeira

Location: Rua Maestro António Taborda, 14, Lisboa
Seg-sexta: 10h - 19h
Sábado: 10h- 18h





"Num Piscar de Olhos" - 16th of July 2021

António Zarco, Carlos Lopes Franco, Gil Ribeiro and Vagueandoporlisboa.

"Instant moments, moments defined by the charm of the hazards of attentive walks. Immediate encounters made eternal through the unique and particular sensibility of each one in capturing the moment like the blink of an eye. Four different experiences and paths, in the way of looking and capturing the moment around the city of Lisbon. City where the four photographers live in and love."

Curatorship: Marta Amaro

To confirm your presence, it is essential to schedule the desired time through this link:

Respecting the required security measures, the number of visitors is limited.

Location: Rua Maestro António Taborda, 14, Lisboa
Seg-sexta: 10h - 19h
Sábado: 10h- 18h
©Carlos Lopes Franco
©António Zarco








"Reflection Upon Space Part I" 13th of May 2021

Reflection Upon Space, Parts I & II, is split into two exhibitions showing the work of 16 emerging artists. The first opened on  13 May and the second happened on the 8 of July. Both focus on the theme of space, whose meaning has changed as a result of everything taking  place online during the pandemic. Space is addressed not only from  the perspective of the physical relationship but also the contextual  one, bearing in mind what this building used to be and the fact that  it was home to Brotéria and the Jesuits’ library. The exhibitions will  “play” with the space, which will not be set up in the typical form of  a white box with four white walls but, rather, will use shelves from  the library – creating a bridge to the archive and the life that once  existed there.