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Armchair With New Upholstered Fabric | Jindřich Halabala | Up Závody | Czechoslovakia | 1950s

Anatomical Plaster Bust | Louis M. Meusel | Sonnenberg | Germany | 1920's

André Costa | My height | 2020 | acrilic on plaster | 175x53x10cm



It's Crystal Clear | Past Exhibition from 12th of May until 12th of June 2022 at Lx Lapa. 

Artists: VÊS.TRÊS ( Ana Malta | NUMPÁRA, Madalena Pequito e Maria de Brito Matias)

13th of Oct - 20th Nov 2022 | Vasco Águas, Ana Rita Albuquerque, Filipa Won, Graça Paz, Guida Fonseca, Maria Pratas, Rita Teles Garcia and Rita Sevilha