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Armchair With New Upholstered Fabric | Jindřich Halabala | Up Závody | Czechoslovakia | 1950s

Anatomical Plaster Bust | Louis M. Meusel | Sonnenberg | Germany | 1920's

André Costa | My height | 2020 | acrilic on plaster | 175x53x10cm


Chegar e Contornar | 16th June until 19th July 2022

About the exhibition:
I find myself looking around me in a never-ending quest to absorb my surroundings, be it landscapes, moving streets, lives that pass by me, or even the furnishings of my home itself. This year was marked by an unsuccessful trip to New York that resulted in a week filled with art and music in Paris that opened the doors to this exhibition. "Chegar e Contornar" - "Arrive and Walk Around", which talks about obstacles and new paths that arise through expectation and disillusionment: it asks us about destiny. Is it predetermined?

Artist's Biography:

At the age of 23, she completes her studies in Drawing and Painting at school (2018) and at the same time her degree in Communication Sciences at IADE (2019). She started drawing in January 2014, quite influenced by her parents, both artists, in order to materialize her thoughts.

A year later, Sandman Corte-Real started selling her first coffee and watercolor paintings through the streets of Baixa-Chiado, where she painted live portrays seeking to feel closely the public that saw her works for the first time. At that time she was questioning herself: can an artwork intensely touch a person?

Valuing and selling her work was something that later allowed a 17 year old girl to discover the world, traveling around Europe with her drawing pad, looking for the largest and most magnificent art museums.

Later on she decides to share her passion with the little ones, giving initiation painting classes to children, mirroring herself on them and reflecting on her first steps. With her creative mind, she decides to create a campaign of collectible sugar packets with her paintings inscribed on them, since much of her drawing work had coffee as the main material.

In 2020/21 she started developing her work by using graffiti markers with vivid and striking colors to paint her blank canvases, and through them creating a union between her self-portrait and the world around her.