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Armchair With New Upholstered Fabric | Jindřich Halabala | Up Závody | Czechoslovakia | 1950s

Anatomical Plaster Bust | Louis M. Meusel | Sonnenberg | Germany | 1920's

André Costa | My height | 2020 | acrilic on plaster | 175x53x10cm



Viga Table Light | Caio Superchi | Superchi Studio | 2022

Repurposed from demolition wood beams belonging to buildings from the early twentieth century, a minimalist lighting fixture: "VIGA"
Its metal dome has a trapezoidal shape that floats over the wooden base, which has built-in magnets, and can be adjusted vertically, generating direct or indirect light, depending on its positioning. It ́s the perfect ambient light.
In this special series with signed and limited edition of 10/10 we used the Japanese technique Shou Sugi Ban to seal the wood called "Peroba do Campo" and its metal dome is gold plated, the perfect match between carbonized wood and metal.

28 x 15 x 7 - cm