"Brandos Costumes" by Malibu Ninjas | Until the 19th of February

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Armchair With New Upholstered Fabric | Jindřich Halabala | Up Závody | Czechoslovakia | 1950s

Anatomical Plaster Bust | Louis M. Meusel | Sonnenberg | Germany | 1920's

André Costa | My height | 2020 | acrilic on plaster | 175x53x10cm



Paisagem em Transformação 2.0 | Vasco Águas

Landscape in Transformation represents the passage of the seasons in a territory situated between the Algarvian Barrocal and the Alentejo coast, and the changes that seasonality causes in the landscape, destroying, transforming and regenerating.Landscape in Transformation artworks are part of theTextile Landscape series, an ongoing exploration of the territory surrounding the artist, his memories, travels and emotions. 

In Paisagem em Transformação2.0 the artist steps out of his comfort zone to explore and play with textile sculpture, its shapes, textures and volumes, whilst reflecting upon the textile waste — created by his own work — gathered in the last years.

Materials: Linen, cotton, wool and other fibers

Technique: sculpture, sewing

Dimensions: Approx. 190 x 190 cm

Photos by Yago Barbosa